Hi, I’m Susa. I’m a Pilates Instructor, a wife, mother and grandmother and I love feeling well and vital.

Pilates has played a big role in my life, particularly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago. This was the “line in the sand” to create a complete lifestyle change, reduce the stress from my 24/7 high stress lifestyle (I was running 5 businesses, while parenting 2 growing children) and to increase the happiness and fun factor in my life. My husband and I sold our businesses and made a tree change to a slower lifestyle. I enjoy the balance of this new pace of life. It has provided the environment to overhaul my wellbeing with lifestyle and diet changes, while Pilates continues to be both my chosen form of exercise as well as providing me with a mindful meditation.

After receiving the ‘all clear’ I found that I wanted to help others also achieve the benefits of wellness and vitality and to share my Pilates passion. My life found new direction, I trained intensively with Studio Pilates International completing Full Studio Certification and launched into instructing. I love the extra dimension that teaching and sharing Pilates provides and I love to help my clients achieve their personal goals in health, fitness and body image. There’s a wonderful satisfaction when I hear their success stories and see them reach milestones growing stronger and happier on a daily basis.

Pilates workouts can be done anywhere, at anytime, by anyone of any age and any fitness level. Does this sound like you? Then try my free workout today and get a taste of what a real treat exercise can be for your body, it will be tingling!

“I am definitely feeling better, my lower back pain is pretty much gone, I feel lighter on my legs, it’s easier to get out of bed, and just recently I feel confident enough to do the school pick up in my active wear, so I guess I’m looking better too!”