Start with a fun Pilates Mat workout to get the body tingling!

Pilates Basic

16 minutes

If you’ve never done Pilates before, I’ll explain all the fundamentals of Pilates, how to isolate each area as you work, plus we’ll do a couple of simple exercises to put it all to the test!

Take Me With You

42 minutes

This is the full body workout for when you’re on holiday. You’ll feel totally worked, but you’ll still feel like you’re on holiday… on your return you’ll look so great your friends will want to tag along next time!

Up a Notch

21 minutes

Ready to work a little harder? Then join me in this workout as we take it up a notch!

Fast and Furious

20 minutes

Want to work hard AND get the heart rate up? Then this is the workout for you!

Reformer Workout

44 minutes

If you’re lucky enough to have a Reformer at home, then you’ll love this full body workout!

Reformer Favourites

21 minutes

Join me on your Reformer and we can share some of my favourite exercises!

Sunset Workout

14 minutes

Had a BIG day? Then this is a great combo workout that’s just right for you. First, let’s work off some of that adrenaline before we then spend time winding down with some great stretches.

Sunset Stretch

7 minutes

Take advantage of your muscles being warm after a day of movement, and ease yourself into the evening with this beautiful stretch session. Really nice for any other time too, but take it a little easier if your muscles aren’t warm yet!

Quickie Workouts

Try these quick targeted workouts, either on their own or string a few of them together to design your own workout.

You can also add them to your complete workout for a little something extra!

You Must Be Mad

7 minutes

Can’t get enough Glute exercise? Here’s a “quickie” to really target the Glute muscles and get that “beach bum” you’ve always wanted!

6 Minute Abs

6 minutes

Only one thing rivals a good glute workout, and that’s a great ab workout! try this and feel the burn!

Back for the Back

5 minutes

You guessed it, improve your posture and your upper body strength with this great ‘quickie’

Banish Bingo Wings

7 minutes

If you desire toned arms (and who doesn’t!) this quickie is the perfect ad-on to your workout. 

Picnic Workout

8 minutes

Pilates anywhere! You never know when you’ll get a sneaky oppurtunity to add some extra Pilates to your day. Enjoy this workout and see how easy it can be. 

Do’s and Don’ts :– here’s a few things to remember before each workout.

On some days you’ll feel more “Olympic” than others, so take into account any limitations or injuries that you may be carrying. Be honest about your body’s ability and work within your own limitations. Be patient as your muscles gain strength, take a rest whenever you need to and join in again once you’re ready. You will feel your muscles working but you should never feel any pain in your joints, back or neck. In some exercises you’ll have options to challenge your body, so if you do feel pain, check your technique, choose an easier option in that exercise or skip that exercise all together and join in the next one. Be sure to view the Pilates Basics session and revisit it regularly to perfect your technique.

Remember to always listen to your body!

“I have found improvements in my posture, muscle tone and peace of mind due to this exercise challenge. Working out with Susa makes all the difference to my week.”
– Lynn